Johanna Nylund is a finnish soprano located in Copenhagen. She is finishing her studies in the Soloist class at The Royal Danish Academy of Music and in Stockholm University of the Arts, Department of Opera (previously Operahögskolan) this May. Nylund is on the Rising Artists– roster of Ascolta Artists.

Next season will bring a debut in her home country: Pamina at the Finnish National Opera. In the spring of 2022 she is a cover at the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen for the role of Death (Døden) in a new work Manualen (Louise Alenius). See her full list of repertoire here.

Nylund is the recipient of the prestigious Barbro Salén scholarship 2022. She was also one of the Léonie Sonning talent prize recipients in 2022. See the interview and music video here.

Nylund has performed with Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra in the USA, and with Plenum Symphony Orchestra in Bornholm and in Copenhagen in two concerts in June 2019. There she sang opera arias “with a beautiful, mature and narrative expression. The tones flowed easily and naturally. Nylund’s voice capasity impressed and caused goosebumbs already from the beginning.” (Bornholms tidende 4.6.2019)

What’s coming up next? See her calendar here.

Photo by Marita Räsänen

Nylund performs Lied-repertoire together with the pianist Johannes Stenberg Brooks as Duo Newbrook. In October 2019 they were awarded with 3rd prize at the international Copenhagen Lied-Duo Competition.

In July 2019 Nylund received a 3rd prize in Kangasniemi singing competition. In the final round she “shined with admirably pure singing. Kaija Saariaho’s composition Sua katselen revealed Nylund’s technical magic, which was particularly emphasized in the quieter tones. Long, static and very quietly sung lines carried over the piano in a controlled manner in the Kangasniemi Hall and captivated the audience.”(Keskisuomalainen 14.7.2019)

You can read her full biography here.

Photo by Marita Räsänen